Airborne - bio-art installation (2018)
Microbes, agar, plastic tube, led-lights

Airborne is a bio-art installation that is concerned with the microbial experience of time and the ubiquitous presence of microbes in our environment.

The air that we breath is full of floating microbes, like fungi and bacteria. Some originate from our own bodies, others from the world around us.

‘Airborne’ lets the environment of the Verbeke Foundation, created by the audience and nature together, infect the nutrient agar in two 5-meter long transparent tubes. The airborne creatures will settle in the tubes and over time slowly start to grow.

This growth will create an ever-changing tapestry of different kinds of moulds and bacteria cultures inside - unique to the air and audience of the Verbeke Foundation.

The microbes grow their own shapes on their own pace, unconcerned with the time of human life, but influenced by them from their conception.

'Airborne' was exhibited of the Time Within Time winter exposition (2018) at the Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke, BE).