Nondriaan - printable media art (2020)
PDF, paper and printer ink

What does it take to create a Mondriaan? Do you need more than coloured squares divided by black lines? According to Mondriaan himself, you need intuïtion. His geometric compositions simply sprung from that.
Unfortunately, we can't print intuïtion - but we can print the rest. And in order to create a true Printer Mondriaan, we won't be using the traditional primary colours (red, yellow, blue) but the fundamental colours of printer ink: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). So finish your toner, tap into your intuïtion and create a Mondriaan with one of the most expensive liquids on earth: printer ink.

Nondriaan was part of the Print & Play Exhibition, a free and printable exposition conceived by Amsterdam-based creatives Marieke van den Belt and Thieu Custers during the Corona pandemic. With all the museums closed, Print & Play brought art - through the printer - into peoples homes where they could host their own exposition. The Public Library of Amsterdam will distribute five hundred sets of preprinted expositions in the start of 2021.