Hello World - behavioural object installation (2019)
Cardboard, DC motors, Arduino, relais and electrical wire

What does it mean for a robot to be free and autonomous? 'Hello World' is a colony of freedom-loving, cube-shaped robots that want to explore the world, but cannot exist without each other. Humans are free to interact, touch and move the box creatures. However, the boxes are undisturbed by the presence or absence of humans. At their own accord, the box creatures start moving in unknown directions, uninterested in the presence or motivations of humans. Regardless, visitors project different behaviors on the movement of the cardboard bots.

Hello World was created together in a team with Max Peeperkorn and Nicole de Groot for the New Media New Technologies graduate course at Leiden University.

My role was largely concerned with prototyping, design and construction of the bot colony. Due to budgetary constraints, the bots were made out of cardboard. We are currently building a self-funded prototype out of aluminium.

Exhibited at:
New Media New Technologies Exposition - Perron E in Utrecht, NL (July, 2019)

Brave New World Conference - Naturalis Biodiversity Centre in Leiden, NL (Okt, 2019)

External coverage:

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