SleepBot - personal robot for minimizing screen time and improving sleep cycle (2020)
medium density fiberwood, e-paper display, Arduino, real-time clock

SleepBot was intended to be a personal project to improve my personal health. I was unhappy with the amount of time I was spending on my phone. I also was unhappy with my bad sleeping cycle. And I felt that those two experiences were connected; that my phone was affecting my sleep schedule quite strongly. My phone was the last thing I saw at night and the first in the morning. Often, it would prevent me from falling asleep. So I adapted one of my BlockBots into a SleepBot - a little personal robot that would help me lower my screen time.

SleepBot changes his mood based on the presence of my phone on its wooden antenna, which is exactly calibrated to the weight of my phone. In the evenings, SleepBot gets angry and starts beeping when I don’t give it my phone. It is only happy when it got my phone and can feel comfortable enough to take a nap. So far, I have noticed a significant difference in both my phone use and sleep cycle. My screen time is down by 40 per cent compared to the week before I started using SleepBot and my sleep cycle has moved back to a healthier timeframe.